Revit 2018.3.2 Security Fix Released October 2018

Gabe Hernandez

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If you have been experiencing issue with Revit 2018 lately or work with BIM 360 products, check your Autodesk Desktop App or ask your software coordinator for Revit 2018.3.2 Security Fix.

This update can help improve your Revit experience. For P&ID users, a known vulnerability will be resolved with this fix. Please read the release notes for details on the security issue in communicating with web services. The following link will break down all of Revit 2018 fixes have provided to date. Always read the README file for any update or hotfix. It is a wealth of information and might even give you insight on a fix you have been waiting for.

What's been fixed?


Known Issues with applying the patch:

For BIM 360 Design (formerly Collaboration for Revit), if the Modified date for the revit.exe.config file is newer than the Created date, the patch installer will fail to update it and Revit may not launch correctly. Consult Collaboration for Revit: Synchronize process starts failing for C4R.