Revit LT Users – READ THIS – A Little Knowledge Can Save You

Matt Dillon

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If you are using Revit LT, please be aware of this issue that came to our attention yesterday. Autodesk Product Support Specialist Lance Coffey recently posted this information to a popular Revit blog.

“We are starting to see a number of users reporting “Data in file is corrupt” error messages after upgrading a project to Revit LT 2014.

After some investigation, we have found that this can happen when saving an upgraded file on top of a previous version. The reason is that some of the prior version elements remain unchanged in the file, which then puts the project in a state which cannot be used by Revit LT, and when reopening the project, Revit LT will report data in the file is corrupt.

If this happens, recover a backup copy of the project before it was upgraded.

To avoid the issue, when upgrading a project in Revit LT 2014, use Save As to save to a new filename.

Once upgraded and saved to a new name, you can save the 2014 project normally.

Our developers are aware of this, and are currently working to address the issue”

This only affects Revit LT 2014. We sincerely apologize for any trouble this may have caused any of our customers.