Revit - Model Site Tools (Part 2)

Gabe Hernandez

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(Part 2 ) In this part we will create the same surface from a civil 3D points file that was exported in the NEZ (Northing, Easting, Elevation) .txt format. This file will allow users to create a toposurface in Revit. The format is key as well, as is the file type you are importing. You can import this points file in either (.csv or .txt) file type formats. Keep in mind you will not see the imported points until you "Finish" the toposurface.

Following these simple practices will ensure your civil files are exactly what you need and will not break your projects.

  • The civil CAD file needs to be in the following formats to work. (DWG, DXF, DGN)
  • The civil points file needs to be in the following formats - (NEZ - Northing, Easting, Elevation)
  • Import the CAD file into a basic template to test its usability and review stability / file size.
  • Remove the CAD file after converting into a toposurface.
  • Clean up the project prior to linking into your working models.

Part 2 - Creating a Toposurface from a simple civil 3D points file.

Model Site - Part 2