Revit QRCode Generator

Fausto Mendez

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QR Codes were first created to help in the manufacturing process. In 1994 Denso Wave, a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation, created a Lean Manufacturing Process which is a systematic method for the elimination of waste within a manufacturing system.

So by Definition QR Codes (Quick Response Code) are LEAN and quite versatile, they are able to store many different types of data like Contact information, URLs, Email Address, Geo Locations or just plain text. Using them for retrieving the information is quite easy and inexpensive too.

In the recent years more and more construction companies are utilizing that technology by embedding the QR Codes into blueprints or printing them into labels. This expands the amount of information available for the field beyond the constrains of a printed piece of paper.

For this blog post we are going to utilize the power of a cloud for the QR Code generation  and System.Net to retrieve that generated image from the cloud.

In this example we are going to generate a QR code image with an embedded link that points to the material specs website page using the URL link that is located inside this family’s Type Properties.

First we need to be able to select the family or families  and add them into a list.

Then from that list of Element ids  we need to get their Url parameter data inside the Type Properties.

Now that we have the QR Code data, need a place to save the generated image and its name ( we are going to use the family instance name).

Then we are going to create a method that uses System.Net to establish the communication with the cloud QR Code generator, and downloads the generated image into our computer.

Now we just call the method inside the “foreach” statement.

Now if we run the macro we should have our QR Code image. It can be used in a Label Schedule, Title block or inside a detail sheet.

Screen shot of the scanned QR Code using my Phone.

Here is the Complete code & Video for this example. Visit my website for more examples and copy paste Revit solutions.