Save a Click......Apply a Script

Garrett Tice

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When applying hangers to your items/drawing, there are several different methods.

You can use Design Line with a support specification applied to the condition affecting your hangers, and HANGERCMD with the same specification applied.

In the event you want to manually place hangers on your items, the best method is takeoff as cut-in.

Why not save a few clicks and apply a script to the hanger itself that will automatically allow you to cut the hanger into the desired item, at the appropriate size?

Follow the below steps to save a few clicks and speed up hanger placement.

Right Click-->Button Properties of a hanger

Select Edit Script

Once within the "Edit Command Script" window, locate "Insert Into Run".

Usethe "Add Step" button to apply the step to "Selected Commands"

Select "OK" out of the Edit Command Script window.

The last step is to select the "Script Is Default Action" checkbox.

Close the "Button Properties" dialog by selecting "OK"

Now the hanger is ready to be cut in to a piece of pipe/duct.

By simply left clicking on the hanger with the script applied the command line will read "Select Run Object"

Select the piece of duct/pipe that you wish the hanger to be applied to with a left click, and then place with an additional left click.