Sharing Inventor Files - Part 3 - Using iLogic

Dave Morse

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In this third and final post about sharing Inventor designs to various image files, we’ll explore using iLogic to automatically generate these files for you.  My inspiration for this 3-part series actually came from The Autodesk Digital Prototyping blog; Using Inventor iLogic to Save multiple formats, but I felt it was important to post parts one and two, just to be thorough.

Completing the 2D Inventor drawing file (.idw or .dwg) is often the final step in your design process, but it is not necessarily your final task.  There are many people, whether inside or outside of the engineering department, that will require access to an image file of the final design.  This means you will have to spend the time creating these files, potentially, in several formats for each design.  This can take up valuable time that you could otherwise be spending on actual design efforts.

Fortunately, you can use iLogic to create a rule to have Inventor create these files for you, automatically.  Even better, according to the authors of the Using Inventor iLogic to Save multiple formats (Steve Bedder, Robin Oldroyd, and Demir Ali), it only takes one line of iLogic code!

Click on any of the links above to be taken to the blog post.  There is a video on the topic and the code is available for you to copy and paste into your iLogic.  Test it out, you’ll find that it saves you valuable time and money.