Speaking of Really Bad Ideas...

Matt Dillon

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Every now and then you run across something in a software application that just makes you wonder what kind of drugs the product designer involved was doing at the time it was developed. For example, who was the guy at Microsoft who decided it was a GOOD idea to turn off file extensions by default? And more importantly is he or she still employed?

Or did they maybe go to work for someone else? Could it be? I'm beginning to wonder...

Someone, somewhere decided that it would be a good idea to automatically open a Revit family and place you in the family editor any time you double-clicked on a component, even if you did it by accident, and even if you can't even SPELL "family".

Fortunately, with the release of Revit 2014 someone else provided a solution of sorts. While the double click behavior still defaults to put you in the family editor, you can at least override that. In the Revit "Options" dialog box, navigate to the "Interface" window and click the "Customize" button next to "Double-Click" options. I would suggest the "Do Nothing" option for families even if you are very comfortable editing families. What's wrong with simply clicking the "Edit Family" button on the ribbon instead?

And... if anybody happens to know that person at Microsoft, would you kindly smack them for me?