Autodesk Network Installation Guide (Step 4)

Jason Porter

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You're ready!  You've obtained your network license file and installed and configured the Autodesk Network License Manager.  If not I recommend reading these first:

Now you're ready to install the software on the user's systems.  You have two options. . .

  1. If you only have a few users in your company you can simply install the software and point it to the license server.
    In older versions of the software (prior to 2017) you set this up upon installation on this screen:
  2. In newer versions of the software (2017 and above) you first install the software and then upon the initial launch of the software you then point the software to the network server at this screen:
  3. If you have many users then you might consider creating a network deployment of the software so that you only need to configure it once and then use the deployment image to push and install on any chosen system.  Use the Autodesk Knowledge Network Creating a Deployment guide to walk you through this.  Don't forget to read the Best Practices for Creating a Deployment guide prior to doing so though.