Stingray: Live!

Michael Zeeveld

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No, I am not referring to the cartilaginous fish related to sharks. The Stingray I am referring to is a 3d gaming software by Autodesk. Stingray can be used to create real-time design visualizations, 3d games, and virtual reality (VR) immersion experiences. The workflow is designed to link 3ds Max, Revit and other 3d authoring tools directly into the program.

But wait there more! That sounds like a TV commercial I once saw. I digress. Stingray is now available in the cloud as Autodesk Live. Allowing you to create interactive visualizations of Revit models in one click, using the Autodesk LIVE architectural visualization service. This saves time taking your Revit files to real time. LIVE helps automate and optimize the geometry of your BIM model in the cloud and sends you a fully interactive model within minutes.

Below is a link to a video about Stingray:

For more information about Stingray, follow the link provided here:

Autodesk Live: