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You can stop the renumber process within spooling from automatically tagging a particular service type.

Use the below steps to learn how.

    1. Go to your Main Database-->Takeoff-->Service Types and find out what ID number is assigned to the service type "Weld" (57 is default).Additionally you want your weld .ITM file to have the "Weld" Service type applied within the properties of the item.
    2. Go to your local configuration folder (examples: C: Map-Software, C:UsersPublicDocumentsAutodeskFabrication 2014Imperial ContentV2.05) and locate your spool.ini.Within you will need to make sure that the line item RenumberIgonreIDS is set to 0, meaning don't renumber the ID'S that we have set to ignore.Then go to line item IgnoreIDs, enter the value of the ID number assigned to your welds and whatever other service types you wish to exclude from being tagged. (Note, when you have multiple ID'S that you wish to ignore, distance them with a comma and no space).
      Save the spool.ini, and your welds will no longer be tagged.For a project that requires weld certifications, remove the ID number of your weld service type within the spool.ini, and your welds will be tagged within your spool drawings.