Stung by Stingray?

Matt Dillon

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Autodesk Stingray is a relatively new addition to the Autodesk visualization toolset. Essentially it is a game engine, and what makes it especially compelling for building visualization is that it includes a plugin for 3ds Max that allows for a direct link between your 3ds Max scene and a Stingray environment, providing an entirely new and more interactive way to view and experience your design. For more information on the Revit-3dsMax-Stingray workflow there are a series of videos on YouTube - a very short overview is provided here.

Recently I decided it was time for me to start becoming familiar with Stingray, so I installed it and started working through a few tutorials. I realized very quickly that the raw tutorials that come with Stingray were not geared for building visualization using Revit and 3ds Max, so I started looking around for more. I found some very good ones on... you guessed it... YouTube again, but right away I noticed something missing. The videos all referenced a "Stingray" pull down menu in 3ds Max - a menu that I did't have. I went back and checked the installation requirements for Stingray and Max:

1) 3ds Max 2016 installed - Check (Stingray is currently not available for 2017)

2) Service pack 1 for 3ds Max 2016 installed - Check

3) 3ds Max 2016 Extensions installed - Check (Available by for subscription customers only and required for the Stingray Plugin to be installed).

4) Stingray installed and functioning - Check.

Hmmm... it should have been there. I did some searching on line and found this article. It references a scenario where the  Stingray menu in 3ds Max is visible, but greyed out. Not exactly my situation, but easy enough to test. I followed the instructions - basically running the StingrayDCCLink2016.msi file found in the C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Stingray\\extras\ folder.

It took about 2 seconds, and viola - problem solved...

Here's what the menu should look like: