C4R Desktop Connector - (The Fine Print)

Mike Massey

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The new Desktop Connector that works in conjunction with Collaboration for Revit allows users the ability to link in non-Revit files into the Collaboration for Revit model.  This was a huge added…

Autodesk Design Review - Not Quite Dead Yet!

Dave Morse

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There have been many who have thought that the lack of development on Autodesk Design Review over the past few annual release cycles was a sign that Autodesk would soon retire the free product.

Installing Revit 2017 or 2018? Windows 10?

Gabe Hernandez

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If your Revit 2017/18 (Windows 10) the links for the new MSI files to allow your install to complete.  They provide a manual solution as well as 2018 link for your download pleasure.

Applied Software Honored with 2017 Autodesk Platinum Club Award in "New Subscriptions Sold" Category

Todd Weyandt

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Applied Software®, a leading systems integrator to the AEC, construction and manufacturing industries, announced today it has received a 2017 Autodesk Platinum Club award in the "New Subscriptions…

Backup Failure After Vault Upgrade 2017 with Impersonation

Dave Morse

All, Time, Upgrade, Vault Backup Failure, Vault Impersonation, Backup Failure after Vault Upgrade, 2017, Account, IT Services, Vault Professional Leave a comment

While recently assisting a client with a vault upgrade, we came across an issue that caused a problem when backing up the vault, and I thought it was important enough to write about in order to save…

AutoCAD 2017: The License manager is not functioning or is improperly installed

Jason Porter

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When at attempting a standalone or network version to launch AutoCAD 2017 (or any 2017 vertical product) for the first time the software opens and then displays a dialog box titled "Licensing Error"…

Civil 3D 2017 Service Pack 1

Jason Porter

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Civil 3D 2017 Service Pack 1 has been released.  The service pack includes a number of fixes for issues that were discovered by the Autodesk internal testing team and by customers using…

AutoCAD 2017 SP1 Breaking Apps

Jason Porter

Architecture and Engineering, All, AutoCAD, AutoCAD 2017, autodesk, HotFix, service pack, Construction, 2017, Autodesk apps Leave a comment

There have been reports of Autodesk apps that are using the plug-in auto loader mechanism breaking after the install of AutoCAD 2017 Service Pack 1.  I know we've had at least one individual…

Inventor 2017 - 3D PDF Export

Jason Miles

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A new enhancement within Autodesk Inventor 2017 is being able to export a 3D PDF, which is another great way for collaborating with others in the day-to-day design process. Check out the video and…

Inventor 2017 Mouse Lag

Dave Morse

All, autodesk, Home, Inventor 2017, Manufacturing, vault, Vault 2017, 2017, Inventor, Mouse Lag Leave a comment

Recently, I had a customer contact our support team in regards to a behavior after installing release 2017. He was having issues with his mouse lagging while panning and zooming and using Inventor…

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