Quickly Create a Structural Model with CADmep

Scott Hendricks

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There are times in the MEP modeling industry that we need to create a structural model and CADmep is a very good tool for this. So let’s take a look at how we can quickly and efficiently build our…

Exporting CADmep to ESTmep or CAMduct

Lyle Janda

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I find myself answering this question quite often while answering support cases. I would like to share this simple but overlooked feature. CADmep has the ability to export CADmep items as an ESJ/MAJ…

Inventor 2014 - Large Assembly Performance is No Joke

Dave Morse

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One of the three areas where Autodesk has made improvements in the 2014 release of Inventor is Customer Productivity, and more specifically, in Large Assembly Performance.  Historically, Inventor has…

AutoCAD Workspaces

Scott Hendricks

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AutoCAD workspaces can be a great way to organize your drawing environment based on the task you're currently working. Here is a short "how-to" on creating a AutoCAD workspace.

I Heart Keyboard Shortcuts

Lyle Janda

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Ever wonder if there are keyboard shortcuts within ESTmep and CAMduct that could replace the pick and clicks? You’re in luck, both ESTmep and CAMduct have built in shortcut keys. Below is a list of…

Revit LT Users – READ THIS – A Little Knowledge Can Save You

Matt Dillon

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If you are using Revit LT, please be aware of this issue that came to our attention yesterday. Autodesk Product Support Specialist Lance Coffey recently posted this information to a popular Revit…


Garrett Tice

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