Using Your Autodesk Software Away from the Office

Jason Porter

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10 Misconceptions Your Boss Has About Autodesk

Carol Dunn

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Prior Version Software . . . "But it’s mine! I paid for it!"

Jason Porter

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We take a lot of calls from clients who are upset because they can’t activate their older software.  Usually, the problem is the fact that they cannot install or activate their older software on…

Autodesk Recommended System Requirements and Graphics Cards

Jason Porter

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There are many times when we get requests from users to review the specs of a computer they are considering to purchase to run their Autodesk software.  Simply, they want us to tell them if the…

Autodesk Software Survival Kit

Jason Porter

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Clean Uninstall/Reinstall of Autodesk Products

Jason Porter

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There may be times where the only resolution to get your software to install may be to perform a clean installation of the software.  If that is the case, then these guides from Autodesk may help. ..

Upgrade?!?!? Why?!?!?

Jason Porter

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"I'm fine with my current version of AutoCAD.  There's no need to upgrade."

Autodesk Application Manager is changing

Jason Porter

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We're beginning to receive quite a bit of calls and e-mails from users who are receiving pop-ups similar to this:

Requests for Media no longer free

Jason Porter

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Back in October of 2013 I posted this blog, Where's My Software, to assist you in navigating through the Autodesk Subscription Center website to correctly download your software or request the…

Giving Your Users Access to Autodesk 360 Services

Dave Morse

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If you are the Contract Manager for your Autodesk software account, then you are essentially the "gate keeper" for all your users' abilities to access extended products and services.  Last week I had…