Leveraging 360 Sync with AutoCAD Mobile

Michael Reuter

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Create Plant Collaboration Project

David Wolfe

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The first task after setting up your BIM 360 Team hub is to setup an existing project for collaboration.  Rather than create a new project directly in the cloud, the workflow is designed to take an…

360 Sync Update: Docs, Team, Vault & SharePoint Integration

Michael Reuter

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Hunting the Elusive BIM 360 Trial Hub...

Matt Dillon

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The process to create a new BIM 360 Team hub and associate it with a subscription account is not difficult, but it is not well-documented. At least, the first step - creating a valid trial hub that…

BIM 360 Team Compare Versions

Rabi Sidawi

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Autodesk recently introduced some new functionality to Manage Revit Models in the Cloud, including BIM 360 Team 'Compare Versions'. These new workflows apply to Collaboration for Revit (C4R) as well…