7 Misconceptions About the Fab to Revit Move

Carol Dunn

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Managing Multiple Sheet Sizes with CAMduct

Garrett Tice

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I often see different companies with multiple locations utilizing one database. However, at those multiple locations they have different hardware available on the floor. An example would be Location…

Survey Database Point Groups

Jason Porter

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The survey database does not exist and could not be recreated

Jason Porter

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I've seen this issue in the past (as far back as Civil 3D 2010) and had not been able to figure out the cause until recently.   A user contacted me the other day with this issue so I just had to…

User "full" is already logged in...

David Ronson

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From a Database Administrator standpoint it is a common occurrence that when logging into the program to receive the error below...

Revit for Fabrication: Database Configurations

Gabe Hernandez

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Configuring Revit to use your company database is an essential part of making the transition from "Design Build to Pre-Fabrication". Autodesk provides basic Imperial and Metric databases to use as a…