Civil 3D - What I Learned Today - Custom Arrowheads

Brian Hailey

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Using the Multileader or Dimensions in AutoCAD, you can create a custom arrowhead and use that instead of the default ones that ship with the software. When setting up a style in Civil 3D, you are…

AutoCAD Tip: Delete Polyline Segments Without Exploding

Jason Porter

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Have you ever had to delete a segment of polyline. . .just one segment?  Well, if you are in the habit of exploding the polyline, deleting the desired segment, and then rejoining your lines, I hope…

ASTI BIM Connect Now Available for Revit 2018

Matt Dillon

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A new version of Applied Software's BIM Connect, our powerful data export/import utility,  is now available for download. BIM Connect allows you to export object properties and data from your Revit…

Inventor Parts Lists - Create One...And Done!

Dave Morse

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In my nearly 20 years of teaching AutoCAD, there has always been a common thread woven throughout all my lessons: If there is a repetitive task that must be done in each and every drawing, such as…