System Requirements for Revit 2019

Rabi Sidawi

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On April 17, 2018 Autodesk published a very useful article about the System Requirements for Revit 2019. What's great about it, is that the main hardware configurations are workflow related. Below I…

The Flickering Screen

Jason Porter

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I've recently had several calls regarding an issue within AutoCAD-based products in which users are experiencing an annoying flickering screen as they move their mouse around their drawing. Usually,…

How to Find Recommended Hardware for Autodesk

Dave Morse

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Not all computers are created equal.  There is a significant difference between a desktop computer, which is used for desktop applications like Microsoft Office,  and a workstation computer, which is…

Recommended Hardware

Jason Porter

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Periodically we'll take a call from someone who wants a recommendation for a computer manufacturer.  Legally, the only thing we can recommend are the system settings that Autodesk recommends for your…