Latest Windows 10 Update (v 1803) Breaks Infrastructure Products

Jason Porter

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In April 2018 Microsoft released an update to Windows 10 (v 1803) and it appears that this update is causing issues for Autodesk infrastructure products.  The main issues that we know of at this time…

InfraWorks 2019 - Model Builder Images Issue

Brian Hailey

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With the latest release of InfraWorks 2019, sometimes when you create a model using the Model Builder, the images don't always download.

Infraworks 2019 - It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Jason Porter

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That’s right! The new versions of Autodesk software are out and about and ready for you to use. I love it, the smell of new bits downloading over the network, installing with anticipation, and…

Geolocating Revit Models for Use in InfraWorks

Rabi Sidawi

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Coordinate Geolocation and customize a 3D view in Revit for importing a model to InfraWorks.

Civil 3D 2018 and Infraworks 2018 are official

Jason Porter

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Just in case you've not yet heard. . .Civil 3D 2018 and Infraworks 2018 were both released last week.

Infraworks: Move model from one group to another

Jason Porter

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You've gone through the procedure of creating an Infraworks model and you'd like to have the model appear in another group.  Well, you cannot have a model appear in two groups.  That's simply not…

Bring Your Road and Bridge Project to Life with Infraworks 360

Amy Worthy

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If you’ve ever experienced headaches and/or insomnia caused by preliminary designs, then we have news for you: There is in fact a better way! With Autodesk® InfraWorks 360, you can quickly create…

Beginning a Project in Infraworks

Jason Porter

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We are in the process of putting together a series of webcasts discussing Infraworks.  In this webcast I demonstrate how to create a new model and import existing GIS data into Autodesk Infraworks: