How to Explain Unstructured Data to your Boss – Avoiding the Curse of the Blob

Carol Dunn

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LiveLab Learning Orientation

Ryan Cunningham

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Ready to get started in LiveLab Learning? Applied Software has put together an orientation video to help you easily set up your LiveLab Learning environment so that you can get the most out of this…

Bad Rabbit - Ransomware Outbreak

Douglas Dahlberg

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There is a worldwide outbreak of the Bad Rabbit Ransomware.   Below is an excellent article on what you need to know to protect yourself.   Read on and be safe.   

Blueborne exposes Millions of devices

Douglas Dahlberg

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Armis labs revealed a new attack vector that exposes millions of devices that use bluetooth.  The attack is as close to actual airborne virus in the computer world that you can imagine.  This…

Autodesk Offers Cloud Based Workflow Software

Clinton Cook

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Autodesk is beginning to promote a new free offering called Praxis. Praxis is similar to Microsoft Visio for workflow mapping with the exception that Praxis is currently being offered for free and it…

Managing Autodesk Desktop Subscription (TERM) Licenses

Jason Porter

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Basic Maintenance to Ensure Smooth Sailing

Jason Porter

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There are times when you'll be working in a drawing and you find that it's slow to navigate (pan and zoom), save, or just simply work in the file.  Before you do your best Bruce Lee impression on the…

Autodesk License Service – 5.1.5 HotFix

Jason Porter

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Users of Autodesk 2018 products who are running single-user subscriptions may experience intermittent crashes.

How to install Autodesk Network Licensed Software

Jason Porter

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You've purchased your network software and you're ready to install it, but the burden of installing the network software is new to you and appears overwhelming.  It's actually a very easy process and…

Autodesk Network License Installation Guide (Step 1)

Jason Porter

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(Step 1): How to generate an Autodesk network license file

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