AutoCAD's Lesser Known Commands - SAVEALL and CLOSEALL

Jason Porter

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8 Tips for Better Use of Bluebeam

Carol Dunn

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Flex and Conduit Part 2 Flex connector family

Rick Buckman

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In part 1 we discussed the connector. Now in part 2 we will show how to make flex combined with the fittings you want and how to see it in material counts. The method we will use will combine a…

Creating The AutoCAD Classic Workspace in Auto

Dave Morse

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I was asked by a student last week, what had happened to the AutoCAD Classic Workspace.  He was not a frequent user of AutoCAD, and had recently upgraded to 2016.  I informed him that the workspace…

Inventor Dimension Style Editing

Dave Morse

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I recently had a client asking how to make the inches marks (") show up in his dimension style in his Inventor drawings, and make his text larger. There's quite a bit of information involved in…

Adding an Image to your Inventor Title Block

Dave Morse

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This topic has been widely discussed in the Inventor forums, but I still find users asking me how to do it, so I thought it would be prudent to post it for future reference.  Even though I will be…

Export an Inventor Part or Assembly to DWG for Revit

Dave Morse

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So, you want to take your Inventor .ipt file and bring it into Revit, but you're not sure how.  There are probably several ways, including the new BIM Exchange, but after much trial and error, and…

Inventor Parts Lists - Create One...And Done!

Dave Morse

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In my nearly 20 years of teaching AutoCAD, there has always been a common thread woven throughout all my lessons: If there is a repetitive task that must be done in each and every drawing, such as…

Exporting CADmep to ESTmep or CAMduct

Lyle Janda

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I find myself answering this question quite often while answering support cases. I would like to share this simple but overlooked feature. CADmep has the ability to export CADmep items as an ESJ/MAJ…