4 Dirty Little Secrets About Vault

Carol Dunn

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Revit 2018.3.2 Security Fix Released October 2018

Gabe Hernandez

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If you have been experiencing issue with Revit 2018 lately or work with BIM 360 products, check your Autodesk Desktop App or ask your software coordinator for Revit 2018.3.2 Security Fix.

Bad Rabbit - Ransomware Outbreak

Douglas Dahlberg

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There is a worldwide outbreak of the Bad Rabbit Ransomware.   Below is an excellent article on what you need to know to protect yourself.   Read on and be safe.   

Panzura Goes Mobile!

Douglas Dahlberg

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Want to take control of your data and eliminate 3rd party file sharing products like Dropbox? Reduce the number of products you need to purchase, administer and coordinate? Want to access all your…