Point Cloud to Recap to Civil 3D Workflow

Jason Porter

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Prior to Civil 3D 2018, this was the process of importing a point cloud and creating a surface in Civil 3D:  Creating a Surface from a Point Cloud in Civil 3D

Publish Civil 3D Surface to Revit Topo - 2019.1

Brian Hailey

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The latest versions of AutoCAD Civil 3D and Autodesk Revit has just been released (this is the 2019.1 release). In the releases, there is a new set of tools that allow for the sharing of a Civil 3D…

Cut Fill Surface Colors

Jason Porter

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While teaching a class last week a student asked if there was a way to show a surface with cut and fill colors.  Yes there is, and this video will show you how:

What's New in Autodesk Inventor 2018 - Collaboration

Jason Miles

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Reference Future (newer) Versions of Inventor Part and Assembly Files

Revit - Model Site Tools (Part 1)

Gabe Hernandez

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In this two part post on using the Massing & Site tools will cover the basics of creating a toposurface from a simple Civil 3D surface drawing file. With the 3D contours at elevation the drawing file…

Alignment Label – Station Offset with Elevation

Jason Porter

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User contacted me today with the desire to have an alignment label that provided him a station, offset, and elevation.  He couldn't find one in out-of-the-box list nor did he know how to create one…

Hatching out a Slope Map

Jason Porter

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I was teaching a standard Civil 3D class this past week when one of the students wanted to know how to create a slope map with hatches rather than just colors.  Their client requests slope maps with…

Rebuild Surfaces in a Snap

Jason Porter

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I'm sure you've seen this "Create Snapshot" option when you right-click on your surface in the prospector tab: