Install the RIGHT Revit 2015 Update 4!!!

Matt Dillon

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week I reported the availability of Autodesk Revit 2015 Update 4 R2 - and I stated that if you are on subscription it includes a variety of new features - a list of which can be found here:

Fabrication 2015 Object Enabler Not Working?

Lyle Janda

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Object Enabler issues can be very annoying and in some cases, time consuming. Most likely you have downloaded the Object Enabler off the Autodesk website to find you are unable to see any items in…

Default Length and O.D.

Scott Hendricks

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Below is an list sorted by priority of how the Autodesk Fabrication products get standard lengths and O.D.’s. When creating content, knowing how Standard Length and O.D.’s are applied to items will…

Alignment Labels - Diving Deeper

Jason Porter

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A few weeks ago I posted the "Alignment Label - Station Offset with Elevations" blog and it's had a good reception .  However, there are those folks out there who are much smarter and craftier than I…

AutoCAD Architecture Project Browser Crashes

Matt Dillon

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Windows Updates are causing issues with the AutoCAD Architecture (and AutoCAD MEP) Project Browser.  A recent Knowledgebase article points to Microsoft updates  MS14-037 (KB2962872 - July 8, 2014)…

Autodesk Fabrication 2014 Service Pack 3

Lyle Janda

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Autodesk Fabrication Service Pack 3 is out. Download here.

Civil 3D 2015 Interface not correct when logged in as a different user

Jason Porter

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Civil 3D has been installed on your system under an admin account and the software appears to run fine  You then log onto the system using a user account and launch Civil 3D and you receive this:

Map 3D commands missing dialog boxes

Jason Porter

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You've got Civil 3D 2015 installed and it appears to be running fine.  Then you decide to import GIS data via the Map 3D tools.  You go through the process. . .successfully import a SHP file into a…

Alignment Label – Station Offset with Elevation

Jason Porter

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User contacted me today with the desire to have an alignment label that provided him a station, offset, and elevation.  He couldn't find one in out-of-the-box list nor did he know how to create one…

Export to AutoCAD in Civil 3D 2015

Jason Porter

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For years now when someone using Civil 3D has to send their drawing over to a basic AutoCAD user they must use the EXPORTTOAUTOCAD command to convert their Civil 3D drawing into basic AutoCAD form.…