Bulk-Editing Radial Column Grids

Matt Dillon

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A customer recently called with an interesting problem. He had several radial column grid lines that didn't all extend through all of his levels. He was faced with having to create a section or…

Bing Maps in 2014

Jason Porter

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For years we were all happy utilizing the Google Earth importing tools in Civil 3D. Then in Civil 3D 2013 Google Earth pulled the plug and we no longer had that ability. Autodesk Labs answered by…

Common Mistakes on Network Installs

Jason Porter

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Through the years of doing tech support I've noticed some common mistakes that some users have made that hinder their network installs of their Autodesk software. I've compiled a list here in attempt…

Exporting CADmep to ESTmep or CAMduct

Lyle Janda

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I find myself answering this question quite often while answering support cases. I would like to share this simple but overlooked feature. CADmep has the ability to export CADmep items as an ESJ/MAJ…

AutoCAD Workspaces

Scott Hendricks

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AutoCAD workspaces can be a great way to organize your drawing environment based on the task you're currently working. Here is a short "how-to" on creating a AutoCAD workspace.

I Heart Keyboard Shortcuts

Lyle Janda

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Ever wonder if there are keyboard shortcuts within ESTmep and CAMduct that could replace the pick and clicks? You’re in luck, both ESTmep and CAMduct have built in shortcut keys. Below is a list of…

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