How Manufacturing is Evolving

Carol Dunn

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5 Trends You May Have Missed That Involve Bluebeam 

Carol Dunn

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25 Surprising Facts about Construction Coordination

Carol Dunn

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If you’re in the construction business, you may have cringed when you saw this title. Over the years, maybe you’ve gotten used to the delays, the workarounds, going over budget and past deadlines.…

A Tour Guide to Applied Software

Carol Dunn

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Maybe the technology aspect of your job started out as more of a “3-hour tour,” and now you feel a little like Gilligan stranded on an island of technology with no way to get rescued that doesn’t…

9 Ways eVolve is Driving Your Mechanical Firm's Technology Forward

Carol Dunn

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What is the Building Material of the Future?

Rabi Sidawi

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Last December Autodesk's Matt Alderton published an article in the RedShift newsletter describing Carbon Fiber as the choice material of the future. Innovations in composite materials and…

Construction Tech for Elevators

Clinton Cook

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ThyssenKrupp has released a new elevator system which operates without any cables,  has the ability to have multiple cars in one shaft and can now travel horizontally as well as vertically. This…

Design Graph Shape-based Machine Learning

Rabi Sidawi

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The AEC Industry is changing rapidly. Future Buildings will be assembled rather built. This Technology is important to find parts and assemblies within your BIM models.