BIM 360 Design: Using the Same Updated Version of Revit

Rick Kremer

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Just a quick note. When working with BIM 360 Design and you are working with others on a project you MUST all be not only on the same Version of Revit, but you also must have the same UPDATES as well.

AutoCAD 2018 is out! So what's new?

Jason Porter

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Yesterday AutoCAD 2018 was released by Autodesk.  If you don't yet see it in your Autodesk account or you don't yet have an Autodesk account then you can download your free trial here: AutoCAD 2018…

BIM 360 Field Daily Updates get a welcomed upd

Clinton Cook

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The BIM360 Field development team has been working hard on making improvements to the Daily Updates module over the last few months and it shows. They have added many new features that have been…

Autodesk Application Manager is changing

Jason Porter

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We're beginning to receive quite a bit of calls and e-mails from users who are receiving pop-ups similar to this:

Application Manager Updates! - Revit Update Release 9 and More!

Gabe Hernandez

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Check for the latest updates in your Application Manager. Here are some of the lastest updates available.

Back to Basics - Worksharing Display in Revit

Matt Dillon

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Worksharing display was added to Revit a few releases ago, but it still seems to be rather under-used.

Application Manager Pending Installation Issue

Jason Porter

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Scenario:  You've installed your "latest and greatest" software and the Autodesk Application Manager informs you that there are updates ready to install.  You proceed to install the updates only to…