12 Tips on Time Management: Take Control

Rabi Sidawi

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Originally published by Michael Clark, AIA; this Guide provides practical steps for Effective Time Management:

  1. Managing the Process:
    • Many techniques or procedures that we have learned in other areas of our business life apply to the Working Drawing Process and are necessary to make the process successful
  2. Multi-tasking Control: 
    • Take control your time. It is Your Time!
    • Focus on the task
    • Lock-down
  3. The Right Person doing the right job
    • Everyone has strengths and weaknesses
  4. Delegation
    • People forget, misinterpret, and make mistakes
    • Identify the need
    • Select the Person
    • Plan the Delegation
    • Hold a Delegation Meeting
    • Create a Plan of Action
    • Review the Plan
    • Implement the Plan
    • Follow up regularly
    • Weekly Management
  5. Ritual
    • Ritual is something we do to prepare for something important
    • Review the Project Work Schedule to see what work will be done today and who will do the work.
    • Get with each member of your team working on your project and delegate. Help them commit to the task schedule for the day.
    • During your work breaks (every 90 mins), check on the progress of your Designers.
    • Make sure all tasks are updated on the schedule as they are completed.
    • Take control of your time.
  6. Weekly Management
    • Update the Production Schedule and Project Budget
    • Review your Project work schedule for the week with your team.
    • Identify what days a team member will be out of office.
    • Identify other work that will take time out of the day.
    • Group tasks according to what can be totally completed in that day.
    • Look at tasks and group into days for completion.
  7. Daily Management
    • Confirm the availability of personnel to do the work for the day.
    • Look at the task schedule and confirm what tasks can be completed that day.
    • Verify all information is available to complete the tasks.
    • Prioritize the tasks, schedule the tasks, and schedule other work around them.
    • Provide enough time to focus on completing a task
    • Meet with your staff and confirm the task schedule for the day.
  8. Scheduling
    • Use a scheduling program and updates the schedule each time they complete a task
  9. Information Scheduling
    • Schedule the information and let the providers know when the information is due.
    • Buffer the due date in your schedule to allow for delays.
    • Send out reminders or check with the providers a few days prior to receipt of the information.
  10. Quality Control
    • Ways to reduce errors and omissions
  11. Constraints
    • Constraints are those things that slow down production
    • Once a constraint hits, all energy and focus should be directed to eliminating it as quickly as possible to prevent further damage
  12. Throughput
    • The faster you can complete a project, the sooner you can start another one, and the more projects you can do

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