To Download or Install?

Matt Dillon

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Most of us are now gaining access to our Autodesk software via download from the Autodesk web site or our subscription site.

When you download your software, you have options – the default is to “Install Now” and it  WILL take less time then downloading first, then installing. In the long run, though, you really don’t want to do it this way. If you ever have to reinstall your software (and who hasn’t), then the files downloaded using that method will not do a reinstall. You’ll get a cryptic “server error” message, which has absolutely nothing to do with what the problem is. The problem is that the files you need simply arent’t there.

Instead, I suggest you choose the option to “Download”. This will activate the Autodesk Download Manager, which will download all of the files you need, then allow you to install at your convenience. Later if you need to reinstall, EVERYTHING you need will be located in the folder your originally downloaded the files to.  Even better, if you have an interrupted download due to power outage, internet hiccup, whatever, the Download Manager remembers where it left off, so when you start up the download again, you don’t need to go back to square one.