Trouble Downloading Autodesk Software

Jason Porter

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You're attempting to download your Autodesk software but you keep getting errors or it keeps backing out of the download. The odds are you're probably downloading your software via the "Download Now" or "Install Now" method.

There are three methods to download your software and they can all be read about in depth in Autodesk’s Download Methods for Autodesk Account document. The three methods are

  • Install Now
  • Download Now
  • Browser Download

I recommend the browser download method since we’ve come to find it the most reliable. It’s the longest method, but it is the most reliable. For information on how to use the browser download method I recommend you read Autodesk’s Using the Browser Download Method for Autodesk Account document.

There is also a fourth option that is rarely discussed . . . the Autodesk Virtual Agent . If you don’t have access your Autodesk Account, then you can use the Autodesk Virtual Agent to download your software. 

Once the download is complete you will find a file in your downloads folder that ends with the extension .sfx.exe.  Depending on what software you download will determine how many of these files you receive.  These are just highly compressed zip files.  Below is an example of my AutoCAD 2018 download.  To begin the extraction simply double click the first one and the extraction of all of them will begin.  

The install files will proceed to extract to this location on your hard drive (accept the defaults):

Once the extraction is complete navigate to the above location and you'll find your software folder.  Within that folder is a setup.exe file.  Double click that file to begin the installation of your software: