Troubleshooting: How to Convert your Trial BIM 360 Account

Michael Reuter

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So you've been test driving BIM 360 using the 30-Day Trial, and you think you're ready to purchase BIM 360. Great! We've been coming across this question a ton lately, and here is a list of a few things that will help you convert your BIM 360 Trial along the way.

My BIM 360 Trial has ended. What now?

Once your BIM 360 Trial is up, just give your Account Advisor a call. They'll discuss your options with you. Think about how many licenses you need, consider what you want to implement & think about how much training you and/or your team might need.

Keep in mind the following typical users when trying to get a good license count:

For each project of BIM 360 Glue: You, Project Manager, Architect, Structural Engineer, MEP Engineer, Mechanical Sub, Electrical Sub, Plumbing Sub, Fire Protection Sub, Steel Fabricator, Specialty Contractor 1 each

In other words, a typical project will need somewhere between 8 - 12 seats. Keep in mind that if you have a subcontractor that will need to contribute early but not late (like Civil or Concrete), and a subcontractor who will contribute late but not early (like Pneumatic Tube, MedGas, Acoustics/Theatre, etc.), then you can switch out your licenses based on who needs to contribute.

For each project of BIM 360 Field or Docs: You, Project Engineer, Project Super Intendent, Project Manager, Architect, Engineers (2), MEPFP Subs (4), Civil, Concrete, Framing, Masonry, Steel, Specialty Sub 1, Specialty Sub 2

For a typical project, you will likely want to have somewhere between 15-20 seats. And just as before, if you have a subcontractor that will need to contribute early but not late (like Civil or Concrete), or vice-versa (like Finishes, Carpet or Paint), then you can switch out your licenses based on who needs to contribute.

I used the BIM 360 Trial on a real project.
Can I bring that project along with me?

To find your Account Name, look just right of the BIM 360 logo at the top of the page. To view your Project Name, look just to the right of your Account Name. And if you're using Classic Field, click on the Profile button on the far right & select, "Account Admin." It will take you to a page that looks similar to this.

In a word: YES! All you need to do to upgrade & convert your Trial account is to tell your Account Advisor that you want to convert your Trial & then communicate a few pieces of information: Your Company Name, the BIM 360 Account Name and the Account Admin's email.

Your Company Name: Your Account Advisor should already have this information, but just in case your company name is abbreviated, it may make sense to give it to them again anyway.

Your BIM 360 Account Name: You can find this at the top of your browser or Glue Window. Take a look at the image above that shows its location. Keep in mind that the Account Name is different from the Project Name. If you're unsure if it's the Project Name or the Account Name, just send your Account Advisor both.

If you're using Classic Field, click on your profile button on the far right, choose "Account Admin," and it should navigate you to a page looking similar to the image above.

Account Admin's email(s): Your Account Advisor will already have your email, but if there are any other people that you want to be Account Admins on your newly converted account, let them know.

How do I activate BIM 360 Trial & start using my converted account?

Welcome to the Test Project. Michael Reuter, Clinton Cook has invited you to their BIM 360 Account as a Project Admin of <name of project>. Click here to activate your membership.

Once you get everything squared away, it should be pretty easy to get back to work in BIM 360. There may be an email that comes through with a blue button that asks you to "Activate your membership" or "Get Started." Make sure to click because this button actually activates your account and give you access.

This is the most common issue with new users - they never clicked the "Activate" button!

So once you've clicked on the blue button, you're ready to go. You can start creating new projects, add new Project Admins & members, or just continue working on your Projects associated with your original Trial Account. Have fun!