Underutilized Way of Easily Sharing Outlook Calendar Availability

Clinton Cook

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Here is a quick tip on how to share your calendar availability through outlook. This is great when you are trying to show someone outside your organization when you would have availability to meet. I rarely see this being utilized by teams but find it to be tremendously helpful and provides efficient and clear communication.

To insert a calendar snapshot in Outlook you simply:

  1. Click on the insert tab.
  2. Click Choose Calendar
  3. Select your date range you want to share
  4. Select the level of detail you want to share
  5. Click "Show time within my working hours only"
  6. Finally Click "OK"

A summary of your calendar will be inserted into the body of your email showing all free and busy times for the date range selected. This is the results of what will be posted in the body of your email.

Hopefully this tip will save you a little time.