Update All of Your Models: 360 Sync with Glue!

Michael Reuter

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With the new update of 360 Sync with Glue, you now have the ability to link an entire folder of models with another folder in BIM 360 Glue.

360 Sync with Glue has always had the ability to link one model file on your computer, server, desktop, or other document management system to the original file on BIM 360 Glue.

Then when you set 360 Sync to review the file on a schedule, it would update the file on BIM 360 Glue whenever it changed.
Here’s a typical use-case we have heard from our clients: A user is leveraging Egnyte (or another document management service) to host, house, and allow their team to upload & download models.

The BIM Coordinator wants to be able to control when the files are pushed to Glue, but the problem is that sometimes the coordinator forgets to do this or misses one of the models during the upload process. That’s where 360 Sync with Glue comes in. Now, the BIM coordinator can map a folder in Egnyte (or his server, desktop, or many other document management systems) with his model folders in BIM 360 Glue, set 360 Sync to run on a schedule, and then his model files will always be the most up-to-date & relevant models!

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360 Sync with GlueThis update to 360 Sync with Glue is the first of many major improvements to 360 Sync that will be coming out in the next few months, so stay tuned for more news! And if you haven't done so already, make sure to download 360 Sync today and try it out!