After Upgrading Vault ... Migrate your Files

Dave Morse

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Once you have upgraded your Vault from a previous release to the current one, you need to migrate your inventor files to the current version.  You can choose to do this on each file that you check out, save and check in to the vault, or you can use the Task Scheduler.  If you have a large vault, you may want to choose using the Task Scheduler in the evening or over a weekend.  It might even be worth the effort of breaking up the task to several network workstations.

To use the Task Scheduler, go to the Windows Start button > All Programs > Autodesk > Autodesk Inventor (Ver.) > Tools > Task Scheduler.

Once the task scheduler is open, click on Create Task > Migrate Files…

In the Migrate Files dialog box, under the Task section, select the Project File to use for the migration. Be sure to select your Vault Project File, otherwise you will not be able to select the check box to Migrate from Vault.  Next, select either, Add Files, Add Folder or Add Project to select what you want to add to be migrated. You will be prompted to log in to the Vault.  The best option for large vaults is probably to use Add Folder, giving you the opportunity to break up the migration into manageable chunks.

Next, select the Options button to be able to set some of the Vault Options.  In the Migration Options dialog box, choose whether to Create Visualization Attachments and to delete the Local Copy of the file.  Finally, enter a comment to be included with the newly migrated, checked-in vault version of the file.

Once you click OK, you are returned to the Migrate Files dialog box.  Specify the settings for the Log file and then click OK to finish creating the task.  The task now shows up in your Task Scheduler and awaits to execute at the designated time.

When the task is complete, check your Log file to verify the status of the files and take appropriate action, if needed.