Using Chrome to Download 3D Models

Dave Morse

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I recently had a support case come across my desk, where a customer was having difficulty downloading a STEP file from (McMaster Carr).  The initial issue was that when he clicked on the Save button after selecting the STEP file for download, he received a message stating that there was no program associated with the file type he had chosen.  In other words, Chrome was trying to Open the file as opposed to downloading it.

What I discovered was that a setting had been activated in Chrome (probably inadvertently) by my client.  Follow along below to see how the trouble got started and how to fix it.

When you download files using Chrome, they will appear at the bottom of the Chrome window, in a neatly packaged tab.  When you click on the upward-facing arrow on the right side, you will expose a flyout menu.

If you click on 'Always open files of this type', they you will no longer be able to 'Download', but only 'Open' files of this type using Chrome.  Activating this setting is what caused the download issue.  The fix is to reverse the setting in Chrome by doing the following:

Click on the vertical Ellipses in the top right corner of the the Google Chrome window (Customize and Control Google Chrome), then click on Settings.  When the Settings tab opens, scroll down and select Advanced.

Under the Advanced settings you will find the Downloads section.  Click the Clear (text) to clear the settings on opening certain file types.

The problem is now solved and you will be able to download files.  I hope that you found this useful.