Using the Content Center Editor to Create Cust

Dave Morse

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One method for creating library content is to use library items that already exist in the Content Center.  We do this by using the Content Center Editor dialog box.  Here we can view/edit data that is saved in the Content Center libraries.

The Content Center Editor displays a merged view of content from all libraries in the library configuration of the current Autodesk Inventor Project. Or, it displays a view of content that belongs to the selected Library.

To access the Content Center Editor, select the Manage tab > Content Center panel > Editor

Once in the Content Center Editor, we are able to select from different Library views, including a Merged View, which shows content from both the read only libraries and the read/write libraries.

Once we have found the Family that we want to make edits to, we can right-mouse click on it and we will then see the options for either viewing the Family Properties or the Family Table, and we also have access to copying the family to be able to make edits to it.

We can use the Copy To function to copy the read-only library to a read/write library.  Note: This option is only available if you have created a read/write library.  If we want to modify the Family Table, this is the option we would choose.  Once this is done, the read/write library will become the library that is viewed in Content Center.  If we choose to delete this Family, then the read-only family will again, become the Family that is viewed in Content Center.

If we want to create a completely custom Family that is not linked to the original read-only library, then we will want to use the Save Copy As… function.  We have the option of creating an independent family, and then providing the Family Name, Family Description, and Family Folder Name in the appropriate fields.

We can now easily locate the newly created Family by changing our Library View to our read/write library.  Now we are able to right-click on this family to begin making edits.

For more detailed information on these topics, refer to Autodesk Inventor 2014 Help topic Content Center Editor, or click on this link: