Using Your Autodesk Software Away from the Office

Jason Porter

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It's seems like lately we are always on the go and there are times when you simply need to work away from the office like. . . It's seems like lately we are always on the go and there are
times when you simply need to work away from the office.  If that is the case for you then should be
aware that Autodesk has something in place for you to accomplish this.  It’s called the Autodesk Home Use

Depending on what type of license (single-user or multi-user)
you have will determine how you go about getting the license. 

If you’re on a single user subscription or a single-user maintenance plan you don't need to request a license for home use. Use your existing serial numbers or account information to activate software on home computers. Only one instance of the software can be active at any given time, either at work or at home.

If you’re on a multi-user subscription plan you have a couple of options.  Before we discuss those options you should be informed that for every one license you have on subscription with Autodesk you can also request a home user license. 

Now onto the options for multi-user
(AKA network) licenses. . .

Option 1 (should
the users be using their own home computers): 

Just simply follow the instructions here to do so:  Requesting a License to Use Software at Home.  This must be done by your company’s Autodesk contract manager. 

Be aware

  1. This will generate a
    completely new and separate serial number that will act as a standalone
  2. This DOES NOT
    double your license pool.
  3. You cannot have all
    your licenses running in the office and some running at home consecutively. 
    That will be violation of the license agreement.  You only have “X”
    licenses and only “X” can be running at any given time. 
  4. These licenses will
    remain active on the user’s computer until the renewal date of your Autodesk subscription. 
    Even if you renew prior to the date you will have to request permission (a new
    serial number) every year. 
  5. If a user leaves the
    company they are on the honor system to remove the software. There is no way of
    reaching in and deactivating the home license. 

Option 2 (should
the users be using a company laptop):  Treat the laptops as home computers
with all the same precautions as above and request home use licenses for those.

Option 3:  Connect your office computers to the network and borrow a license for the amount of time your users will be working from home. Read this:  Borrowing a License.

Be aware

  1. This actually pulls a license from your license pool at the office until it is returned.
  2. You can borrow a license up to 180 days, but I do not recommend doing so.  Should anything happen to your computer while the license is borrowed your organization will be out that license until the return date has come and gone. 
  3. Should a user return early and want to return the license to the pool it can be done via this method:  Returning a Borrowed License Early