The Value of Training

Dave Morse

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Inventor training is a valuable investment that your employer can make in advancing your knowledge and improving your productivity in your job.  This training also increases your company’s intellectual assets, and therefore its market value.  So, even though training is often categorized as strictly an expense, it should be categorized as an investment, since the training increases the company’s value beyond those of its physical assets.

The best way to maximize your investment on Inventor training is to seek it through an Autodesk Authorized Training Center(ATC), and with an Autodesk Certified Instructor(ACI).  Enceptia’s ATC’s and ACI’s are among the best, and offer standard classes, as well as customized training for specific industries, disciplines, and software functionalities.

There will be times when you need a refresher or just some information on a specific function within Inventor’s toolset, and therefore, a full-blown training course is not warranted.  This is when you turn to the internet.  I recently found an Inventor Help page that I was not aware of, when browsing through the Autodesk Education Community website.  The training and information on this site is free, and I highly recommend bookmarking the site and returning to it when you want to learn about a tool or need a refresher.  You can find it here: