Vanilla AutoCAD in your Product Design Suite..."It's In There!"

Dave Morse

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I am surprised by the amount of people that I come across that are using AutoCAD Mechanical as their Vanilla AutoCAD.  They call me with frustrations about how they can't seem to get their AutoCAD to work "the way it used to".  After several minutes of explaining their problems, I will show them how to do it, or will troubleshoot the issue, and then they will say something like, "I wish Autodesk would quit messing with the program, it was great 5 years ago."

At this point, I will ask them how much of the AutoCAD Mechanical functionality they are using, and will usually get a reply of "none", and how they wished they could just have their icons the way they used to.  They don't have a clue that Vanilla AutoCAD exists, because they've obviously never looked into the Programs Folder.  They have simply been using the AutoCAD Mechanical Icon on the Desktop.  So, if you are one of those who didn't know, and want to know where your Vanilla AutoCAD is, let me show you.

First, click on the Start button, and select All Programs.  Click on the Autodesk folder, and then click on either the AutoCAD Electrical folder or the AutoCAD Mechanical folder.  In each folder, there exists the Vanilla AutoCAD executable.

From either location, you can right-click and select Send, and then click on Desktop (create shortcut).

You will now have the ability to launch Vanilla AutoCAD from the desktop. Ahh.... all is right with the world now!