Vault Pro 2017 Copy Design & iLogic Rules

Jason Miles

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With the new Copy Design within Vault Pro 2017 iLogic rules are NOT COPIED by default. This can be resolved by setting up a new Action Rule. Below I have listed the steps on how to make sure your iLogic rules get copied with your parts and assemblies.

Step 1:

Within the Copy Design dialogue click on the Master Menu and select Action Rules.

Step 2:

Within the Action Rules dialogue you will notice that we have a Default Rule Set. Select the Default Rule Set and then select Copy. You can either keep the Rule Name given or you can give the rule a more meaningful name. Click OK.

Step 3:

You will now notice that within the Action Rules Dialogue we have a Copy of Default Rule Set. Select this new rule and select edit.

Step 4:

Within the Define Rule Set dialogue select iLogicRuleStatus underneath Property Behavior and then click on Remove. Click OK.

Step 5: 

Click Apply and OK within the Action Rules dialogue.

Step 6:

Within the Copy Design Dialogue click on Selected Rule Set and choose the newly created rule. This will allow your iLogic rules to be copied to your new design.