What to expect at BIM&Beer

Michael Reuter

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One of the biggest perks about my job is the BIM & Beer event that we host every month. We go from city to city and spread the good word about Construction Technology, and share a beer or two among friends, colleagues & customers who attend the event.

If you've never been, and want to go, or we're coming to your area & you want to know what it's all about, look no further...here is your one stop shop for what to expect at BIM & Beer.

What is BIM & Beer?

BIM & Beer is a celebration of Technology.  Every month, we hold an event in an American or Canadian city and introduce ourselves to the Construction & Design Community. We show off the expertise of our partners and give people a good idea of what is new and what is out there in the Construction Technology industry. Oh, and there's free food. And free beer (sorry, I buried the lead there).

What to expect at BIM & Beer?

We like to keep it casual at these events so you're not going to see a long, boring presentation at BIM & Beer. Instead, you're going to get hit with quick demos & discussions. You're going to be pointed in the right direction based on what you want to discuss, learn about, or see a demonstration.

We like to keep our demos short & sweet, so you may learn how to collect a point on a Robotic Total Station, or you may see barcode technology in action, or you may see a quick demo of Southwire's electrical software. You may even see the Hilti Button in action, watch drones fly & collect point cloud data, watch us create a model from that data, or you may just see us utilize touch screen technology. We've even had Panzura and Bluebeam performing demos, showing off their technologies, and giving out free trials of their products.

What makes it fun?

Well that's a dumb question. First of all, there's free beer. If that doesn't get you excited for an event, I don't know what will. But on top of that, we give away at least 2 drones, tons of Brewery & ASTI swag, free 1-month trials of software, and even food.

Our demos are like party games. We scan your nametag & register you for a prize, we teach you to plot a point using a Robotic Total Station, we quickly show off our software...you may even get to fly a drone or see a model constructed directly from point cloud data. You may even be rewarded for posting something to twitter!

Who usually hosts the event?

Applied Software is always the primary host. We are your Construction Technology Experts, so come to us with any construction hardware, software, workflow or software integrations. We are also there to help you out with technology & point you in the right direction of whatever it is you came to see. We're also your friendly neighborhood Autodesk Platinum Reseller.

Geoshack is there to show off their Robotic Total Stations & 3D Scanners. If you have any interest in improving site layout, QAQC, etc., then talk to them.

Hilti is there to show off their new Hilti Firestop Revit Add-In (also available in CAD & Navisworks). Essentially, it automatically places all firestop objects in your model, creates a bill of materials, and automates the submittal, product data creation process.

Southwire is there to show off their Building Electrical Modeling solution that automates the routing of conduit, generates pull reports, and solves all kinds of Electrical BIM issues that most electricians come across. 

eVolve is there to show off their software that greatly improves, simplifies & automates the Fabrication of Electrical models. Between Southwire & eVolve, they will enable a complete workflow from design to fabrication for electricians.

Radar will show off their cloud-based Construction Management app that provides collaborative management for specialty trade contractors. 

BlueBeam is there to discuss online design & construction collaboration. They'll also give you a free 1-month trial of BlueBeam to try back at the office.

Panzura is there to show off their Global File System cloud storage system solution.