What's in a Browser Node Name? A quick look...

Dave Morse

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I had a client recently ask me how to get his browser node to show up as the default file name. You too, may be wondering how to do this.  To begin, let's define what we're talking about. The browser node name (located at the top of the browser window) is by default, named the same as the the file when it is saved.

To change it back to the original filename, simply click slowly twice on the node and it will activate the node in the type over mode. Simply backspace and hit the Enter key. This will delete the current name and then replace it with Filename. If that doesn't work, you may have to press the Spacebar and then Enter.

In an assembly file, you may have the individual parts and subassemblies renamed.  There is a Productivity tool which will help users rename all of the nodes at once. Here's how:

On the Assemble tab of the Ribbon > Productivity panel, select the drop-down arrow and select Rename Browser Nodes.

In the Rename Browser Nodes dialog box, select from the drop-down arrow, one of the following:

  • Filename - This resets browser node name to the original Filename.
  • Part Number - The data from this is option is pulled from the Part Number string in the iProperties of the file.
  • Default - Resets a manually renamed node to the filename.

Renaming manually or using the tool doesn't hurt anything, so feel free to explore the different methods to become familiar with the tool, and to explore different workflows you might like to employ.