What's New for Inventor 2017 R2 (Customers with Subscriptions)

Jason Miles

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iLogic (not available in Inventor LT)

iLogic Input Field Enhancement

The iLogic input field in the InputListBox dialog box now automatically resizes to fit the width of the longest input string.

Edit Rule Dialog Box Enhancements

  • Use the new option, Save, to save your work as needed during an editing session without running the rule.
  • The OK button is replaced by Save & Run: This option saves and runs the new or updated rule and closes the dialog box if successfully run. This option is disabled if the form is suppressed.


Reorder Attached Balloons with the New Sort Balloons Context Menu Option (not available in Inventor LT)

You can now reorder attached balloons by their value. First, attach balloons using the Attach Balloon From List context menu option. Then, after closing the Attach Balloon dialog box, right-click on the balloon stack and select Sort Balloons. Values are automatically reordered.

  • Numeric attached balloons are reordered from smallest to largest.
  • Alpha attached balloons are reordered from A to Z.

Specify a Hatch Pattern as SOLID

SOLID is added as an available pattern in the Style and Standard Editor dialog box. This option allows you to make the default hatch pattern SOLID for the Hatch style and for the Weld Bead Recovery style.

By default the SOLID fill color is black. Change the default color to a color you prefer by changing the Appearance (color) of the Hatch Layer style Hatch object in the Style and Standard Editor dialog box.

You can also manually override the default hatch pattern or default color in the Hatch/Color Fill dialog box.

Example of the SOLID hatch pattern fill in a 2D view.

Improvements to Deferring Updates on a Drawing

When opening a drawing that is set to defer updates you can now select from the following list and specify your preference for the frequency of being prompted with the message: Drawing updates are deferred. Change defer status to update drawing views and associate added annotations.

  • Always show this message.
  • Prompt only once per operation.
  • Do not show this message again this session.
  • Do not show this message again ever.

Note: Use Application Options Prompt tab to reset your preferences.

This defer update message also displays:

  • In a tooltip when you hover over the browser status icon of a deferred drawing open in Inventor.
  • In a tooltip when you select Defer Updates in the Documents Settings dialog box.

Save Time Printing Multiple Drawings with Auto-Size to Drawing Sheet Size

The new Auto Size to Drawing Sheet Size option in Task Scheduler's Printer Setting dialog box allows you to batch print multiple drawing (.idw/.dwg) files set to different sheet sizes and orientation. This new option automatically chooses the appropriate paper size and orientation as specified in the drawing sheet setting.

This setting is only available when the files in the Task Scheduler Print Files dialog box are drawing (.idw/.dwg) files.

Note: If you batch plot files to a printer that does not support a specified sheet size, the log file will report the names of the files that contained sheets that were not printed due to an unavailable size. For example:

Align Multiple Center Marks in a Drawing to the Selected Edge

You can now select multiple center marks in a drawing and align them to the selected edge. Previously, only the first selected center mark would be aligned.

Presentation Enhancements in Creating, Editing, and Publishing (not available in Inventor LT)

New Create Presentation options

Create a new presentation (IPN) file from an open assembly or weldment: Right-click the top-level browser node in the open assembly or weldment, and select Create Presentation from the context menu.

Multiple Action Editing

You can now edit multiple actions in various ways.

  • Move: Select multiple actions using Ctrl+click and then drag the selected actions to a different location on the timeline. You can drag to a position before or after other tweaks. Moving actions can be done with any selection of actions. When dragging actions with different start/end times, the selection set maintains the relationships.

  • Drag to Change Start/End Time: Select multiple actions and modify the start or end time by dragging the cursor when the modify cursor appears. The actions do not have to share a time span.

  • Edit the Duration of Multiple Actions: Select the actions, right-click and choose Edit Time. Specify the Duration value and the selection set updates.

  •  Align Start/End Time: Select multiple actions, right-click, and click Align Start Time or Align End Time.

  • All Before, All After,and Group: You can select all actions occurring before or after the selected action or the playhead position. This makes it easy to increase the time between actions. The selection is based on the starting time of the selected action and includes all actions with matching start times. You can also select all members of a Group tweak from just one member.
  • Edit Opacity: You can edit the opacity of one or more components. Components set to Transparent in the assembly carry that setting into Presentations. When editing multiple components, having different opacity settings, at the same time, the components all get the same opacity value setting.

Local/World Direction

You can now specify tweak direction using the local (component) coordinate system or the world (presentation) coordinate system in the mini-toolbar. For multi-selection sets the local coordinate system aligns with the first object selected.

Publish Images with a Transparent Background

Select a Snapshot View to publish as an image. Click Raster . At the bottom of the dialog box, check the box for Transparent Background.

Publish Raster

When publishing an image, you can now select from a list of provided resolutions or specify the image resolution.

Expand/Collapse All Children in the Storyboard Panel

Use Expand or Collapse

Performance Improvements for Presentations

The following areas have undergone performance improvements:

  • Trail selection
  • Component selection
  • Multiple actor selection in the timeline panel
  • Delete Tweaks
  • Delete Storyboards
  • Create storyboard from previous storyboard

Mesh components are supported in Presentations and are treated the same as solid components. They can be tweaked, have opacity changes, etc. and have actions in the timeline.

Auto Explode Removed

The Auto Explode command, found on the Select Assembly dialog box when using the Create View command, has been removed from Inventor 2017 Presentations.

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