What's new with 360 Sync 2.0

Michael Reuter

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We are about to roll out a brand new version of 360 Sync. In comparison to last year's build, there is a TON of new updates & features to talk about. If you want to learn more about 360 Sync & how it works, reference my previous blog.

Out of the box, 360 Sync also integrates BIM 360 Field, Glue & Docs with Windows servers or desktops, as well as file & document services such as Box, Dropbox, Egnyte, and ShareFile, so you can easily eliminate double-entry of data quickly & easily. Setup, training & the implementation of your first project will take less than an hour, and typically only 30 minutes. Once you create your 360 Sync configuration, you can easily create a scheduled task that will make updating seamless & automated.

Integration with Docs

We are proud to announce the newest 360 Sync integration is with BIM 360 Docs. It provides an interconnectivity between Docs, Field & Glue that was previously unavailable. You now have the ability to migrate your File & Model Library from Docs to Field or Glue, and our app is currently the only way to easily extract project photos from BIM 360 Docs. To learn more about 360 Sync with Docs & its capabilities, reference this blog.

Integration with Glue

Another new addition to 360 Sync this year is Glue integration. We created 360 Sync with Glue primarily for non-Autodesk-centric modelers - it acts as an automated Glue button for third-party modelers & designers. To see how it works & more, review my previous blog.

File Migration & Interconnectivity

One of the coolest things about 360 Sync 2.0 is that it provides interconnectivity between the three most-used BIM 360 products - Docs, Field & Glue. This is something that was previously unattainable because, until now, the Forge API didn't match up with the older/more mature Field & Glue APIs. So now you can easily sync & connect your BIM 360 projects together. We suggest using Docs as the "single source of truth," and then automatically syncing Windows, Field & Glue together. And if you were considering migrating your project files from one platform to another, it's now possible.

To review, take a look at the table below to get a quick look at the features of 360 Sync.

Other Key Features:

  • Sync your BIM 360 Library with your Computer or Server
  • Easily set up all of your BIM 360 projects
  • Save time & Eliminate Double-Entry of Data
  • Successful custom Integrations with ViewPoint & Procore
  • Get automatic emails upon sync completion
  • Push your data at your convenience or run sync on a daily or hourly schedule
  • Easy to use - takes <30 minutes to setup & run
  • Enterprise solution - sync all of your projects

Email Notifications

Many of our clients wanted email confirmation following the completion of a sync, and we built that in to the new version of 360 Sync. It's easy to setup (you just have to fill out the information in the image below), and you can choose to get notifications upon Success, Error, both & even get a Log File for review.

Advanced Settings & Updated license structure

In addition to the above-mentioned functionality, we also added some advanced settings for power users. If your teams utilize 'funky' characters in their file naming conventions, 360 Sync allows for the normalization of them (certain servers don't allow all characters to be used in names - for a helpful chart of safe characters review this blog). Also, we created a setting which would allow your team to bypass the Windows-typically-allowed 250 character limit for a file name, and gave your admins the ability to clear their sync metadata (in case of an error), and give your team the ability to create a "mirror" of either a server folder or your BIM 360 library. We also updated our Licensing structure, so it will be even easier to deploy 360 Sync to your team.

Coming Soon! Integration with SharePoint

We're excited about our next integration - with SharePoint! Be on the lookout for it in the upcoming months. You'll be able to sync your SharePoint site with BIM 360 & migrate files to/from BIM 360, SharePoint & your server.
We're always working to improve 360 Sync & integrate with more products. We've already successfully created custom integrations with ProLog & Viewpoint in the past, so if there is a custom integration you were hoping to see but didn't, we would be more than happy to partner with you on the endeavor.