What's Your Vault File Status?

Dave Morse

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With the recent release of Autodesk's 2016 product line, there has been quite a few enhancements and workflow improvements to Autodesk Inventor.  One of the most easily noticeable is the changes to the My Home screen.  One of my favorite workflow improvements is the ability to visually know the vault status of my Inventor files.  Whether a file is checked out, or if I have a local copy or not, is instantly recognizable and can make a difference in how I go about accessing the file.  You need to be sure that you are logged into the vault to see an accurate status.  Once you are logged in, the status indicators update automatically.

Another great addition to this workflow functionality is the filter list on the left side of Recent Documents.  You have the ability to filter recent documents by Project, by File Types, and by Date Modified.  You can also use Sort By to reorder the preview tiles.  The added bonus here is the ability to filter by Vault Status.  The default setting is, All Statuses, but you can choose to only see specific statuses, which makes it easy to keep focus on preview tiles that meet that vault status.

I hope you see a productivity boost by using this workflow enhancement.  I'll be on the lookout for other enhancements to share with you.

Till next time...