Who Stole my Glue!!!???

Matt Dillon

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Did you ever have to re-install your Autodesk software? Easy, right? Just uninstall, slap in the disk and reinstall. Or lately, download it from the Autodesk web site and install.

Not with BIM 360 Glue. I recently had an issue with the desktop application that required an uninstall/reinstall. Uninstalling was easy, but re-installing? Well... let's just say that Autodesk doesn't make it obvious where to go to download it.

Oh, sure. It's REAL easy to download a trial - except if you already have a site and project set up, that won't work. The download requires you to set up a NEW site - and... well...it's a TRIAL.

So, if you need to re-install your desktop application for BIM 360 Glue, go here: http://bim360.autodesk.com.

(Hint: this is documented, but you REALLY have to look to find it. It must be some sort of test or something).