Why We Love Panzura

Carol Dunn

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If you don’t already work with Panzura, you probably can’t imagine being overly fond of technology unless it’s a robotic lawn mower on a hot summer day. But if you’ve got multiple offices and project team members scattered across the country who are leveraging Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD, AutoCAD Civil 3D, as well as Bentley GEOPAK and MicroStation, call the florist and order a bouquet of roses. After reading this list, you just might be poised to fall in love with Panzura.

Why We [x_icon type="heart"]

  • Panzura gives you seamless cross-site
    collaboration.  Without Panzura, team
    members in one location see one set of files, while team members in a second
    location see another. If employees are collaborating on a project and want to
    work on files from another office, they either have to copy them over or map a
    drive to the other office. Not only is this a slow process, it sometimes results
    in data corruption. Slow is one thing. The mere thought of data
    corruption can make beads of sweat form on a rhinoceros. Fortunately, using
    Panzura, offices are no longer “islands of data.” Team members in each office
    running Panzura are able to see one set of data stored in one central cloud storage system. It’s not a rain
    cloud . . . it’s your “peace of mind” cloud.
  • Panzura enables skill set virtualization.  If your firm wants to avail itself of the
    skills of professionals across the country and hire the best people regardless
    of where they are located, check out Panzura. Its file collaboration features make skill sets portable and allow for
    seamless collaboration. Skilled professionals in disparate locations can
    collaborate just as well as if they were in the office down the hall. And if
    you want your remote co-workers to seem more “real,” bighead cardboard cutouts start
    at $5.99 each.  
  • Panzura provides an economy of scale.  To ensure effective collaboration on a large,
    multiyear project, you could spend hundreds of hours synchronizing files among offices
    to ensure all changes are properly coordinated. Doesn’t that sound fun? But
    with Panzura, file changes are available
    in real-time
    to team members in different offices. Plus, with Panzura your
    files are automatically backed up in real-time throughout the day as
    opposed to once per day. Come to think of it, other than a demolition derby, technology
    is one of few instances where backing up puts you farther ahead.

If you’re ready for seamless cross-site collaboration, if
you’re ready to make skill sets portable, or if you’re ready for effective
collaboration on large-scale projects, then you’re ready for Panzura.
Contact Applied
for a demo of Panzura, and get ready to love it as much as
we do.